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Why Service Anaesthetic Vaporizers

An anaesthetic vaporizer must be capable of delivering a safe, reliable concentration of volatile agent to the patient. To ensure that this is always the case and that the vaporizer continues to give safe and trouble free service, it should be regularly serviced and tested through a planned, preventative maintenance scheme. The advantages of this are that there will be no deterioration in vaporizer performance and it will be possible to demonstrate that a recommended service and maintenance schedule has been followed, should this ever be necessary.

In addition, a vaporizer regularly maintained in this way will not only carry a continual warranty but the service agent will carry the liability for any malfunction. For the convenience of its customers, GAS operates a Service Exchange scheme which is a simple and effective method of maintaining anaesthetic vaporizers. The big advantage of this method is that the exchange of vaporizers can be arranged to suit the requirements of individual customers so that any possible disruption of routines is minimized.

External signs that your vaporizer needs to be serviced

  1. General signs of neglect such as dust, grime and lack of cleanliness.
  2. Damage such as dents and scrapes in metal components and cracks and breaks in plastic components.
  3. Dials with difficult to read graduations i.e. excessive wear from long periods of use.
  4. Label showing that ‘next service due’ is out-of-date or there is no such label present!
  5. Dial not locking at ‘Off’ or ‘0’.
  6. Dial stiff and difficult to turn or will not turn at all.
  7. End of locking spindle damaged/deformed.
  8. Interlock rods loose or missing.
  9. Interlock not functioning properly.
  10. Filling system damaged or worn.
  11. Main labels (colour coded) damaged, missing or badly worn.
  12. There is no serial number plate.

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